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Course Description

Maths skills are highly valued by employers and they are required to a good standard for anyone wanting to go on to university. The gold standard for demonstrating that anyone has a good grasp of Maths across the UK and internationally is GCSE level. We have long provided adult students with another go at these key “gateway” qualifications for anyone who missed out the first time.

While studying for these qualifications with us you will gain confidence in your own level of Maths, working towards the qualification that all employers and universities recognise.

For Maths GCSE you will learn problem solving skills, a vital skill for all jobs and careers. You’ll be able to read, interpret and understand data and statistics and properly understand graphs and charts. You will develop the ability to complete accurate calculations using fractions, decimals, percentages, area, volume, speed, distance and time.

All employers ask for better Maths skills for their workforce and English and Maths GCSE are the quickest and most effective way to improve your employability skills. It can also lead on to our Level 3 Access programme.

Other Important Information

A remote delivery option is available for adults studying GCSE Maths who are unable to attend the campus. Please note however, that attendance on site is still required for exams.