Online Learning Courses

  1. Level 1 Award in Citizenship - Direct Offsite
  2. Level 1 Award in Environmental Sustainability - Direct Offsite
  3. Level 1 Award in Equality & Diversity - Direct Offsite
  4. Level 1 Award in Healthy Liviing - Direct Offsite
  5. Level 1 Award in Infection Control & Prevention - Direct Offsite
  6. Level 1 Award in Managing Personal Finance - Direct Offsite
  7. Level 1 Award in Mental Health & Wellbeing - Direct Offsite
  8. Level 1 Award in Personal Health & Wellbeing - Direct Offsite
  9. Level 1 Award in Personal Safety - Direct Offsite
  10. Level 1 Award in Preventing Plastic Pollution - Direct Offsite
  11. Level 1 Award in Understanding Employment, Business & Enterprise - Direct Offsite
  12. Level 1 Award in Understanding Safeguarding for Work, Education and Life - Direct Offsite
  13. Level 2 in Awareness of Mental Health Problems - Direct Offsite
  14. Level 2 in Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid & Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace (LC) - Direct Offsite
  15. Level 2 in Common Health Conditions - Direct Offsite
  16. Level 2 in Counselling Skills - Direct Offsite
  17. Level 2 in Digital Skills for Work - Direct Offsite
  18. Level 2 in Equality & Diversity - Direct Offsite
  19. Level 2 in Improving Personal Exercise, Health & Nutrition - Direct Offsite
  20. Level 2 in Information, Advice or Guidance - Direct Offsite
  21. Level 2 in Lean Organisation Management Techniques - Direct Offsite
  22. Level 2 in Principles Business Admin - Direct Offsite
  23. Level 2 in Principles of Care Planning - Direct Offsite
  24. Level 2 in Principles of Customer Service - Direct Offsite
  25. Level 2 in Principles of Prevention of Infection in Health Care - Direct Offsite
  26. Level 2 in Principles of Team Leading - Direct Offsite
  27. Level 2 in Principles of Working with Learning Disabilities - Direct Offsite
  28. Level 2 in Safe Handling of Medication in Health & Social Care - Direct Offsite
  29. Level 2 in Understanding Behaviour that Challenges - Direct Offsite
  30. Level 2 in Understanding Business Improvement Techniques - Direct Offsite
  31. Level 2 in Understanding Care & Management of Diabetes - Direct Offsite
  32. Level 2 in Understanding Children's Mental Health - Direct Offsite
  33. Level 2 in Understanding Common Childhood Illnesses - Direct Offsite
  34. Level 2 in Understanding Data Protection & Data Security - Direct Offsite
  35. Level 2 in Understanding Dignity & Safeguarding in Care - Direct Offsite
  36. Level 2 in Understanding Domestic Abuse - Direct Offsite
  37. Level 2 in Understanding Retail Operations - Direct Offsite
  38. Level 2 in Understanding Safeguarding and Prevent - Direct Offsite
  39. Level 2 in Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties - Direct Offsite
  40. Level 2 Award in Environmental Sustainability - Direct Offsite
  41. Level 2 Award in Healthy Living - Direct Offsite
  42. Level 3 in Counselling Skills - Direct Offsite
  43. Level 3 in Principles of Dementia Care - Direct Offsite
  44. Level 3 in Principles of End of Life Care - Direct Offsite
  45. Level 3 in Understanding Autism - Direct Offsite
  46. Level 3 in Understanding Care & Management of Diabetes - Direct Offsite
  47. Level 3 in Understanding Mental Health - Direct Offsite
  48. Award Computerised Accounting for Business (LC) L1 - Direct Offsite
  49. Award Computerised Payroll for Business (LC) L1 - Direct Offsite
  50. Cert Computerised Accounting for Business (LC) L2 - Direct Offsite
  51. Cert Computerised Payroll for Business (LC) L2 - Direct Offsite
  52. Cert Understanding Autism (LC) L2 - Direct Offsite
  53. Dip Computerised Accounting for Business (LC) L3 - Direct Offsite
  54. Entry Level 3 Award in Healthy Living for Wellbeing & Mental Health - Direct Offsite
  55. Entry level 3 Award in Equality & Diversity - Direct Offsite
  56. Entry level 3 Award in Introduction to an Inclusive Environment - Direct Offsite
  57. Entry level 3 Award in to Safeguarding - Direct Offsite
  58. Intro Working in Construction L1 - Direct Offsite

Medway NHS Foundation Trust Approved Programmes 


At MidKent College we offer a wide range of free distance learning courses that can be completed online in your own time and at your own pace. All of our online learning courses aim to assist you in building and developing the essential skills and knowledge within your chosen topic and preparing you for employment in a range of industries such as customer service and counselling as well as healthcare areas such as dementia care, end of life care and working children with learning difficulties.

Is online learning for me? 

Whether you are looking for a new venture or you are interested in enhancing your current job prospects by learning new skills whilst you are still in employment, then one of our online courses could be for you.  

An online learning course, or distance learning as it is sometimes referred to, enables you to complete your learning around other responsibilities such as an existing job or parenthood, and are great for developing your confidence in your new found skills. So whether you are looking to study alongside employment or you are a new parent looking to get back into work, an online course could give you the motivation you need to succeed in your goals. 

An online training course is also a great route to take if you are looking to further develop existing skills in order to progress within your current company or own business. Each of our online courses are available to anyone at any age, and are created for individuals looking to continue learning and develop new skills to improve job prospects, whether you work with children or in customer service. The courses are designed to fit in around other responsibilities such as full or part-time work and are to be completed within a three-month window. 

Once you have decided which course is for you, you will need to participate in an induction session to officially start the online course. After the induction you will have three months to complete your online learning with the support of a tutor. The support is available every day and a tutor can assist you with any questions you may have about your course. 

Once you have completed your distance learning course you will be qualified in your chosen subject and receive a certificate of completion. You will also have the option of enrolling onto another course if you wish to continue learning new skills. 

How much are the online learning courses? 

All of the short online learning courses are fully funded.  

Please note - If you do not complete the course, we will charge a one-off registration fee. 

How to get in touch 

If you are interested in enrolling on one of our online learning courses or wish to speak to one of our friendly distance learning team you can get in touch with us on 01622 624956. Alternatively, send us an email.