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Business, HR & Accounting

Study business topics in a professional environment with opportunities to network.

Find out the difference between a Business course and a study programme below. You could also choose to study a qualification in Esports, the booming industry in online gaming. You'll learn key communication, teamwork and leadership skills that are transferable to a range of roles.

Prepare for the next step of your career! Our higher education and level 4 to 5 courses are more specialised - Accountancy, Human Resources (HR) and Leadership and Management. These qualifications are accredited by the appropriate professional body.

What will I learn?

Kick off your business career by studying topics such as economics, marketing and accountancy. Hone your skills further by tackling topics such as law, HR and e-business. You also have the opportunity to progress onto our higher education course in Business & Management. Here you’ll study financial management, how to manage people and quantitative analysis. Find out the difference between a Business course and a study programme below.

Choose to study Esports and you'll be learning about the ethical and current issues in the sport, health, wellbeing and fitness for the players and the part social media plays in the industry. You'll also learn about video production, shoutcasting and psychology to improve performance.

Could a Business apprenticeship at the College be an option for you?

Why choose a MidKent College Business study programme? 

Our Business tutors are all industry professionals, giving you the most up-to-date knowledge needed to progress in the business world. As part of your programme you’ll need to complete work experience to give you the vital skills employers are looking for. 

What level am I?

This will be dependent on the qualifications and experience that you currently have. For some very practical subjects you'll need to start at level 1 to ensure you learn the key theory, practical knowledge and health and safety standards for your industry. Check out what level you are on our chart.

How is English & maths involved?

 If you’re aged 16-18 years old English and maths will be a key part of your study programme. You’ll study both subjects at a level to suit you. Developing these skills will enable you to manage databases and spread sheets effectively and communicate with your customers.

What facilities and trips are available?

Develop your business expertise and understanding on trips to the European Parliament in Brussels as well as visits to Thorpe Park Resort, Disneyland Paris, paintballing and retail outlets.

Our new purpose-built Esport rooms and shoutcasting studios are equipped with the latest tech including Alienware PCs, high spec graphics cards and video editing software.

Is an apprenticeship available?

Yes, the College offers multiple apprenticeships in Business including Accounting, Customer Service, Human Resources.

What have your past students gone on to do?

Google and ASOS are just two of the global organisations that have employed our Business students. Many students have also progressed onto university courses in Business Management and International Business.

What can I do afterwards?

There are a whole range of career opportunities available to you from HR adviser to PR officer and market researcher. Why not consider being an accountant, sales adviser or financial adviser?

What’s the difference between a Business course and a study programme?

Traditionally you may have studied a Business course, where you would only study the qualification, such as law, how to manage staff and financial management. A Business study programme is so much more than a Business course!

This change to study programmes is due to national feedback from employers saying young people need to have more than just a “qualification”; they need to have the skills to work in their chosen industry. A study programme encompasses the subject qualification, English and maths skills as well as work experience and personal development skills.

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