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English and maths

Employers and universities expect their applicants to have a good standard of English and maths, and are often essential for you to be taken seriously as a candidate.

Besides work and study, good English and maths skills are important in your day-to-day life and can help you make sensible decisions, make the most of your money, and plan your time.

That’s why all students will continue studying English and maths until they are 19, or until they have received a C grade or grade 4. Each campus has a specialist English and maths centre, staffed by our dedicated English and maths support team.

The level at which you study these subjects will depend on how well you have done previously:

If you have achieved a grade C/4 or above at GCSE you do not have to complete a further qualification, but will undertake a project which is designed to improve your skills in English and maths. You also have the opportunity to improve your GCSE grade or to study Core Maths at level 3.

If you have below grade C/4 at GCSE we will offer you a study option based on your previous qualifications and a short assessment of your current level. You will study either:

  • Functional Skills Entry Level (1-3) in English and maths, or
  • Functional Skills Level 1 in English and maths, or
  • GCSE English and maths.