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Students aged 19+

Unless indicated otherwise, the course fees shown are the tuition and examination fees for the current academic year only. A separate course fee is charged for each academic year and fees must be settled before the start of each subsequent year. Additional examination fees may be charged in certain circumstances, e.g. for re-sitting exams. If your course lasts for two or three years you will only need to pay for one year at a time.

Is there funding available for students aged 19+?

In line with changes to government policy, if you are aged 19 or over on 31 August prior to the start of your course, or if your course has an HE symbol or X symbol, you will have to make a contribution to the cost of your education by paying a tuition fee unless you are eligible for a fee concession. Government student loans are available for some courses. Please refer to the symbols on the Concessions and Student Loans page.  

Am I eligible for any financial help paying my fees?

Please read the section on Concessions and Student Loans to see if you are eligible for help with course fees and the section on How to Pay which includes details of our Easy Payment Plan.

How can I pay for fees?

The Fee Payment Form is available to download here.

Do I need to know any other information?

Please also read the section on Additional Course Costs and the changes to study programmes that could impact you.