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MidKent College has been delivering apprenticeships for many years, and we aim to provide high quality training, supporting employers across Kent.

Being based in an area where more than 60,000 SMEs operate means we understand the challenges faced in ensuring workforces are meeting the skills requirements needed. By providing an apprenticeship service we can help grow a skilled, motivated and qualified workforce, integral for businesses success.

Why choose the MidKent College apprenticeship service?

There are a number of benefits that come with a MidKent College apprenticeships service. We provide a range of apprenticeships at intermediate, advanced and higher levels. As well as dedicated consultants, training officers and recruitment advisors, we provide:

  • High quality recruitment through our apprenticeship advisers
  • Access to a wide range of potential candidates with a free screening process
  • Employer guidance and contractual sign up support
  • A learning plan meeting employer and apprentice needs, which includes off-the-job training to support apprentice development, along with added support in improving numeracy, literacy and computer skills
  • On-the-job assessment methods and a dedicated training officer giving guidance and assessment visits

Why are apprenticeships so worthwhile?

Apprenticeships are great because they involve a mixture of workplace learning, off-the-job training and the chance to practice skills in an effective working environment, differentiating apprenticeships from narrowly focused training undertaken to suit job needs.

Apprentices can bring fresh ideas to your business, and often creative, inspired solutions to problems. They can be a flexible workforce for you, suited to the jobs you may need them do, and often come with a keen motivated attitude towards learning. Increased productivity and reliability also come with having apprentices as part of your workforce.

We offer a variety of apprenticeships, and these are added to each year to meet your employer demands. The College offers full support in ensuring your workplace fits having an apprentice and helps you integrate all current employment legislation and student requirements into your practices.

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If you feel an apprentice could be valuable to your business, please our apprenticeships team on 01622 625999 or by email.