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Apprenticeships in Kent with MidKent College

MidKent College offers intermediate, advanced and higher apprenticeships in Kent for those who want to earn while they learn.

Apprenticeships are a great way of learning new skills and improving your knowledge and experience in an industry sector. You'll spend most of your time experiencing hands-on training in your workplace, supported by attending College (generally one day per week) to learn the theory and skills that you can put into practice straight away. English and maths will also be a part of your study programme, at a level that is suitable to you.

Our tutors are all industry professionals with significant experience in how your sector operates, and we work with local and national businesses to ensure that the knowledge and skills you learn are up-to-date and match the expectations of employers. 

MidKent College is an approved provider of apprenticeships by the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).*

Apprenticeship levels

There are three levels of apprenticeship:

  • Intermediate level apprenticeship (level 2); equivalent to GCSE
  • Advanced level apprenticeship (level 3); equivalent to A level
  • Higher and degree level apprenticeships (levels 4-7); equivalent to a certificate of higher education (CertHE), foundation degree, or degree (depending on level)

The core components for intermediate and advanced apprenticeships are:

  • A nationally recognised technical and professional skills qualification
  • A technical or knowledge-based qualification (relevant to the specific apprenticeship)
  • Functional Skills or GCSEs, eg English, maths and ICT
  • Other professional qualifications or requirements as specified by the particular industry.

The core components for higher apprenticeships include the components of intermediate and advanced apprenticeships, but exclude the Functional Skills element.

We can match you to the most suitable level depending on your existing qualifications and experience.

Why do I have to study English and maths?

These are core subjects that employers, no matter the industry or trade, look for in potential employees. They want to know that you have the key skills needed to fit the role which could involve calculating invoices to communicating with clients or measuring the materials you'll need on-site.

What can I do afterwards?

An apprenticeship provides you with the required skills, knowledge and qualifications to demonstrate the positive impact that you can have on a business, and to prove to an employer that you're knowledgeable, committed and have the key skills they're looking for.

Alternatively, you can specialise within your industry by continuing your education with higher level qualifications.

Pay and benefits

Employers are expected to pay their apprentices at the very least the National Minimum Wage and ensure they're on the PAYE and National Insurance systems.

Employers must provide their apprentices with a contract of employment for a minimum of 30 hours per week. Contracted hours should include attendance at College for which the apprentice must be paid.

Apprentices are entitled to at least 20 days of paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays.

You will be entitled to the same benefits as other employees within the company which could include pension contributions, leisure facilities access, uniform allowance and expenses.

Apprenticeship funding

For details of the course fees payable for apprenticeships please email the apprenticeships team. 

Apprenticeship opportunities at MidKent College

How to apply for an apprenticeship

Have a look through the different apprenticeship programmes available to you by clicking the links above. Here you'll find more specific information about your industry, and links for you to apply for an apprenticeship.

Further information: The government's Parent's Guide to Apprenticeships

Local apprenticeships vacancies

We can help to match you to your ideal employer, if you currently don't have one to sponsor your apprenticeship. You can search current apprenticeship vacancies across Maidstone and Medway using the Government's 'Find an apprenticeship' service. You'll also find information about who they're looking for, day-to-day tasks and the pay that will be included.

Our location

We have two campuses in Kent - for information about our Maidstone Campus please click here, and for our Medway Campus in Gillingham, click here.

Contact us

Looking to become an apprentice? 

Phone our apprenticeship advisers on 01634 383322 or send them an email.

Thinking of recruiting an apprentice?

Phone our apprenticeships team on 01622 625999 or send them an email.

*The ESFA is committed to providing funding for the education and training sector; regulating academies, further education colleges, employers and training providers; and also delivering major projects and operate key services within the sector.