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MidKent College offers intermediate, advanced and higher apprenticeships in Kent from age 16 and upwards (there is no upper age limit) for those who want to earn while they learn.

The College is approved as a provider of apprenticeships by the Skills Funding Agency. Employers advertise apprenticeship vacancies throughout the year so it's always a good time to apply.

In May 2017 the way that apprenticeships are delivered and funded changed. As an employer,  you can read more about the changes here.

Apprenticeship levels

There are three levels of apprenticeship; intermediate apprenticeship (Level 2), advanced apprenticeship (Level 3) and higher apprenticeship (Level 4).

The core components for intermediate and advanced apprenticeships are:

  • A nationally recognised vocational qualification.
  • A technical or knowledge based qualification such as a BTEC or City & Guilds (relevant to the specific apprenticeship).
  • Functional Skills, e.g. English, Maths and ICT.
  • Other professional qualifications or requirements as specified by the particular job.

The core components for higher apprenticeships are as above but exclude the Functional Skills element. 

All three programmes combine specialist training in the workplace with the study of the underpinning theory and skills needed in order to achieve the apprenticeship and fulfill the job role.

The level of the apprenticeship will depend on the job role and the current skills and qualifications of the apprentice.

Pay and benefits

Employers must provide their apprentices with a contract of employment for a minimum of 30 hours per week.  Contracted hours should include attendance at College for which the apprentice must be paid. Apprentices must be on PAYE and National Insurance systems and receive at least the National Apprenticeships Minimum Wage.

Funding for apprenticeships

Young people who start their apprenticeship aged 16-18 have access to priority funding for their training. For those who start their apprenticeship at 19 or over, the employer will be required to contribute to the training costs each year. The exact amount depends on the particular apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship opportunities at MidKent College:

Apply for an apprenticeship

If you have a question or for information on applying for an apprenticeship please contact the MidKent College JobShop by phoning 01634 383322 or by email.

Further information: The government’s Parent’s Guide to Apprenticeships

Contact us

Looking to become an apprentice? Phone the JobShop on 01634 383322 or send them an email.

Thinking of recruiting an apprentice? Phone our Employer Relations team on 01622 624900 or send them an email.