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To enable MidKent College to offer the most comprehensive training provision possible we have worked in partnership with other providers for a number of years to support the delivery of the College's strategic priorities, NEET engagement, community, apprenticeships and other workplace learning. 
Our partnership with our network of sub-contractors enables the College to meet the needs of local employers and students across a broad range of sectors within the geographical area of Medway and Maidstone that complements existing provision undertaken by MidKent College. 

The contracting process 

For 2021/22 contracts have been awarded to our existing preferred partner, who was approved following our formal tender process carried out in 2019/2020 in full compliance with the SFA/EFA Funding Rules 2020/21 to ensure providers are legal and fully solvent.   

For 2021/22, one existing partner was offered a contract based on performance, quality of provision and financial viability. 

The partner is quality-assured by MidKent College, ensuring the teaching, learning and assessment provided by them meets our high standards and provides the same level of learning experience that we strive to maintain. 

Our franchise partner for the 2021/2022 academic year is: 

  • Mainstream 

Further details relating to the partners MidKent College are working with during 2021/22 is available below 

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