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Objectives & Guidelines

MidKent College have a number of policies and strategies which help ensure we meet our goals in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion. Under the Equality Act 2010 we have a responsibility to ensure that we: eliminate discrimination, advance equal opportunities, and foster good relations between diverse groups. The policy documents below also include the College's 2018 Gender Pay report.

MidKent College's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Priorities for 2016-2019 are as below.

MidKent College’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy sets out our overarching objectives for equality, diversity and inclusion. These are:
1. Outstanding teaching and learning provision

  • Teaching, learning and assessment meets the needs of each individual student
  • Every learner is given the support they need in order to succeed
  • To continue to narrow any gaps in performance by different groups of students
  • To embed the equality, diversity and inclusion into the student journey to ensure that students leave the college fully prepared for the diverse and multicultural world we live in
  • Student Voice activities provide opportunities for all students to be heard and kept informed on what is happening at MidKent College.  

2. A talented and diverse workforce

  • Professional development activities are designed to advance equality, diversity and inclusion for all staff
  • Recruitment, selection and professional development activities enable all groups of staff, or potential staff, with an equal opportunity to advance their careers within an inclusive environment at MidKent College.

3. Active engagement with diverse local communities

  • The College engages with local community groups to support and celebrate diversity in all its forms.