Digital Transformation

MidKent College will be a pioneer for the adoption of technology in teaching, learning and assessment and across our business operations. We will use the latest technological innovations to deliver an efficient, effective and responsive student journey. 

To achieve this:

> We will invest in the implementation of a virtual learning environment that effectively supports the learning journey of our students, ensuring that it is fit for purpose, versatile and reflects the use of blended learning solutions that reflect the changing nature of teaching, learning and assessment.

> We will ensure that technological innovations in industry are monitored and reflected in the development of skills in our curriculum to prepare our students for work.

> We will embrace the transformation of new learning technologies to support organisational improvement in all College operations by building an ambition across curriculum and support services to embrace cutting-edge digital innovation.

> We will seek to understand and mitigate the impact of barriers to digital transformation in our stakeholder groups, such as digital poverty. 


We will create greater business efficiency and carbon reduction through technology. To achieve this:

> We will accelerate our progress towards becoming a paperless organisation, by championing pilot areas of the College at an advanced stage of digitisation and implementing a large scale change programme.

> We will monitor hard copy resource requirements, and provide targeted support to teams and staff who may require support with digitisation.


We will support College departments to design and articulate their digital transformation plans. We will increase the digital proficiency of our staff. To achieve this:

> We will identify digital skills gaps and areas for development through a robust organisational training needs assessment.

> We will create a Continuous Professional Development offer that supports the development of staff digital training needs. > We will increase the knowledge and capability of staff regarding cyber security to support them in a professional and personal capacity.

> We will create a team of digital champions to model good practice and support digital transformation throughout the College.