After graduating with a degree in Physics from Sussex University, I began my FE career in Lewes Tertiary College in 1995, where I taught a range of subjects and students - predominantly in Maths, IT, and Access to HE. 

I returned to university in 2000 to complete a Masters and then PhD in Philosophy and the Philosophy of Mathematics respectively. I taught Philosophy in Glasgow and Stirling universities before I came back to FE, and took a job managing curriculum in West Kent College in 2006. Since then I have worked across many of the FE campuses in Kent, and prior to joining Midkent College in February 2022 I was the College Principal of West Kent College through it’s merger and transition phase with North Kent College, and then Vice Principal at NKC for a short period.

Here at MidKent College I am responsible for the FE and HE Curriculum provision, including the quality of the provision and the Curriculum planning, development and management, and for the Student Support teams, as well as MIS, Exams and Admissions.