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Website Accessibility

We're committed to making this website a resource where our visitors can find, read and understand the opportunities that await them at MidKent College.

That's why, when designing this website, we've worked hard to make sure that you can:

  • Navigate around the site only using a keyboard, or using speech recognition software
  • listen to most of the site using a screen reader
  • Zoom in to read text without it falling off the side of the screen
  • Find out about our College in text that is as simple as possible to read and understand. 

To assist you in using this website, we subscribe to Recite.Me website accessibility plugin software which will help provide every user with the tools they need to create a unique experience. 

If you are using Google Chrome  on a desktop or laptop computer to view this website, there are useful accessibility extensions that you can add to your browser for free which can help you adjust volume settings, translate text into other languages, zoom (with or without the slider bar), adjust screen lighting levels, use screen readers and more, all available at the click of a button on the Chrome web store.

If you are viewing this site on a mobile device, it is likely that your smartphone or tablet will already be equipped with key accessibility features to help you use this site and others. You can find 'Accessibility' options in the settings screens on both Android and IOS devices.

If you need a copy of any information held on this website in an alternative format, please email us with your requirements.