Studying from home

Studying from home and unsure how to access scheduled Zoom lessons?

There are two really important things to know: 

First, you must be logged into Zoom using your college email address and password to be allowed into a Zoom classroom. This is the only way Zoom knows you are a student of MidKent College. If you are logged into Zoom with a personal email address the link will not work and you will see an authentication error. Please see the videos below for instructions on how to login correctly for different types of devices.

Second, running a VPN on your personal phone will make signing into Zoom fail. You have to disable or uninstall your VPN to access this, and all other College services.

Please ensure you are checking your emails regularly too. If you have any further problems connecting to a scheduled Zoom lesson/meeting that your tutor has sent you, please let them know – but only after you have watched the videos and followed the guidance given. 

Please email your tutors if you need any help connecting, or with any work provided.


Using a Windows laptop:

Using a mobile iOS device:

Using a mobile Android device:

Using a Windows laptop already setup for Zoom with a personal email account: