Privacy Notice - Digital Transformation Project.

This privacy notice has been prepared in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

This privacy notice specifically refers to MidKent College’s use of data collected through the Digital Transformation Project (2020), via the stakeholder opinion surveys and phone calls. The Project is also known as the TLA Remote Learning Survey.

There are 2 types of information collected during this project:

1. Anonymised Survey Data - This consists of answers to multiple-choice questions, none of which contain personally identifiable data. At the most, individuals will provide their department which will not be used to identify the individual. All departments listed have more than one person so no one individual will be singled out. A small number of questions provide free-text options for written answers. We ask participants not to use these fields to provide any personal information.

2. Optional Personal Data - Individuals can optionally provide their name if they wish for their response to linked to them. A small number of questions provide free-text options for written answers. We ask participants not to use these fields to provide any personal information unless they are willing to do so. A sample of named responses will receive a follow up phone call to further discuss their submission.

Purpose of Processing

The anonymised survey data will be used to gain insight into the behaviour, preferences and opinions of participants regarding digital transformation within the organisation since the enforced COVID-19 lockdown. These insights will be used to inform our digital strategy including; the design of new services and improvements to existing services.

If you choose to provide us with personal data, we may use this information to contact you to follow up in more detail your responses, and for the creation of case studies. If you wish to provide more details about your response but do not wish to be used a case study, please inform us during the follow up call.

Your personal data and response will not be used for any other purpose.

Lawful Basis for Processing

By completing the survey, individuals are providing consent to the processing of their personal data for the purpose specified.

Who We Share Data With and Storage

For students, the data is stored within Jisc Online surveys (formerly BOS). This information is stored in the UK and meets the requirements for GDPR.

For staff, the data is stored within Microsoft Forms, which is included in the College’s Microsoft licence. This information is stored on Microsoft servers, which meet the requirements for GDPR.

We will share the names of individuals who have opted to provide this information with the Digital Transformation Team so that they can conduct follow up phone calls and create case studies. Your data will not be used by Digital Transformation Team for any other reason.

All responses and analysis will be downloaded and stored onto the College network/devices and will be made accessible to those in the Digital Transformation Team. The anonymised analysis will be published on a wider scale to enable to College to fulfil its Digital Strategy.

Your data will not be transferred outside of the UK.

Retention Period and Criteria

All response, both named and un-named, will be kept for analysis until one month after the project has been completed. This is expected to be during June 2020. The anonymised analysis will be kept for as long as necessary to enable the College to fulfil its Digital Strategy.

Where individuals have contributed to case studies, these will be kept for as long as necessary to enable the College to fulfil its Digital Strategy.

Data Subject Rights

The GDPR provides certain rights that individuals may exercise in respect of their own personal data. If you would like to exercise any of the rights in the GDPR, in respect of personal data you have submitted, please contact the Data Protection Officer using the contact details below. Please note that there may be some circumstances in which your request cannot be complied with – for instance if we have a legal obligation to keep data, or to process it in a particular way. All requests to exercise GDPR rights will be handled on a case by case basis.

Identity and Contact Details of Controller

MidKent College is the controller of your personal data. Any responses and personal data submitted under this survey and any relevant follow up phone calls will not be processed by a third party or any other processor.

If you have any questions about this notice or the ways in which we use your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer:

· Post: Data Protection Officer, MidKent College, Medway Campus, Medway Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 1FN

· E-Mail:

· Telephone: 01634 383525

Right To Lodge A Complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the way we are managing your personal data, please let us know in the first instance by contacting our Data Protection Officer on the above details. If you remain dissatisfied, you are entitled to raise your concerns with the Information Commissioner’s Office via

You can download a copy of this privacy notice usign the link below. 

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