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Work experience with Wildwood

We recently caught up with Chris Newberry, who is a producer at Wildwood Media. He welcomed one of our students to join him for work experience.  

What does your business do? 

Wildwood Media produces business and promotional videos for a range of clients from the NHS through to Vanity Fair. We use a individual and creative approach to each production, allowing us to create memorable and successful videos for our clients. 

Who did you take on for work experience? 

Adam came to us whilst studying for his L3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology course. 

What did Adam take part in when he was with you?  

Adam was brought on as a production assistant - a classic work experience position. His initial work was to help with equipment and various other duties around set. However, as his enthusiasm and knowledge grew we gave him more tasks including camera assistant, which came with great responsibilities on our shoot. 

Why do you like to take work experience students on?  

I was a student (originally at MidKent College and then at university) who also undertook work experience on film shoots and found it extremely useful. Now that I’m in a position to offer that back to the next generation of filmmakers I make sure I can when possible. We don’t always have work suitable but when we do I like to offer it to MidKent College students. The best way to understand how films and videos are made is to be on a set and watch what goes into it. While using Adam I could see his understanding and enthusiasm for filmmaking grow across the shoot. You also learn if filmmaking is for you - if it’s not for you then filmmaking can be a lot more boring that you realise! But if it is the right career path for you then it can be really exciting and educational. 

We'd like to say a big thank you to Chris for allowing Adam to complete work experience with him. A work experience placement is a vital part of our students' study programmes, and provides key inside knowledge as to the industry and relevant experience for their CVs.

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