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We caught up with a past MidKent College Level 2 Hair & Media Make-up student Chloe

Chloe left College last year and has since landed a job as a Make-up artist in a local hair and make-up business.

We caught up with Chloe recently and here’s what she had to say about her time at College and her journey since leaving.

Which programme did you take at College?
Level 2 Hair & Media Make-up.

What did you think of your tutors, the facilities, and the support available?
My tutors were always helpful and encourage me to push boundaries within my work. I was always offered extra support where needed which really helped.

Did College help you prepare for work outside of College?
College helped me gain skills that attracted employers and I was coached through what to expect in interviews and was given help to write a CV.

Why did you choose MidKent College?
I chose MidKent College as it was my local College that offered the programme I wanted to learn.

Would you recommend the programme you took to other students?
I would recommend this programme as it allowed me to explore so many different sectors within the industry. I was able to make connections within the industry to help me progress once I’d finished my programme.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job now?
Seeing my clients' faces light up when they look in the mirror after completing a make-up look on them. It’s amazing to see how you can make someone feel through the power of make-up.

What are you most proud of since leaving College?
I’m most proud of seeing the progress I’ve made since leaving College and watching my skills develop.

Some of Chloe’s work since leaving College after completing her Level 2 Hair & Media Make-up programme:

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