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Swap Don't Drop - it's not too late!

We caught up with our Principal Simon Cook and asked him about swapping courses and changing your mind if you think you've make a mistake with your studies this term.

1.    How easy is it for students to swap courses?

We’re inviting any young person who may have joined their current study option, and now a few weeks into term, has realised it may not necessarily be for them or meet their long term career needs, to #SwapDontDrop to College. If this is how you’re feeling, then please be reassured that it’s easy and straightforward to swap to College. Please complete an application form for your chosen study programme or apprenticeship through our website, and then visit the campus you’ve applied to at 8am the next day. We are taking applications to start this term until 4 October so it’s definitely not too late!

2.    What would you say to students worried about swapping?

Worrying is completely normal, but just remember we are here to help you to not only settle in academically, but also socially. Your friends may not necessarily have started with us at College, and it can be a scary prospect to do something different! However, you need to think of what is best for you, and one of our technical and professional programmes may be just that. Feel free to pop in, or call our course enquiries team on 01634 402020 to talk through your options. We also have impartial, friendly careers advisers on-hand too.

3.    How long do students have to be able to swap?

In order to start with us this term you will need to have applied and enrolled with us on a programme by 4 October. Unfortunately we cannot take applications past this point, as we want to ensure that you have the support you need to catch up on those vital first few weeks of your programme.

4.    What do students have to do?

Please complete an online application form at for your chosen programme or apprenticeship. As part of this process you’ll be asked to attend at 8am the next day at your chosen campus. Our friendly staff will then be on-hand to greet you, check your results slips and enrol you on your programme. If you would like a parent or guardian to accompany you to enrolment, please do so, but this isn’t compulsory.

5.    Is this open to students from other colleges?

We are encouraging any young person who feels that their current study option isn’t suitable for them, whether that’s with a training provider, local sixth form or other College. We will help to find the most appropriate education pathway for you, to suit your career needs.

6.    Does it apply to all courses/study programmes/apprenticeships etc?

We do have some spaces available on study programmes and apprenticeships. Please talk to us to discuss your options in order to get you #SortedforSeptember!