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Students overcome rock climbing challenges

Sports and Public Services have been overcoming the odds at the Arethusa Centre in Upnor recently, having a go at rock climbing and working on the skills and techniqes needed to overcome the wall.

Learners take part in a six week course, linked with Sportivate funding, which is generated in partnership with Medway Sport. These courses give students the opportunity to discover sports they love, and include a huge range of young people aged 14-25. 

The students impressed by tackling the rock climbing trials,with a number of participants standing out. Kayla Pollard pushed through her mental block to tackle height challenges and Michael 'Spiderman' and Nina Solley were stand out students for scaling the wall. Luke Gambrill has also taken steps in considering becoming a rock climbing instructor. 

Mark Lampard, Sport and Public Services Teaching Learning Manager, says "we hope to build on these opportunities and ensure that learners have a positive personal experience."

Another successful course, well done to everyone involved!