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Students inspired for their future careers at Employer Insight Day

MidKent College Business students gathered at the Medway Campus on 1 April to hear from employers from a wide range of industries including NHS Medway, BB7, James Villa Holidays, Berry Gardens and Dell Technologies.

The employers gave students an insight into their companies and what it was like to be an employee there. The speakers also shared about their personal career journey, and the different steps they’d taken personally to achieve their current position. They were also encouraged to “Ask the Expert” to find out more about the different pathways to gain employment!

Students also had workshops with the employers to improve their teamwork, communication and leadership skills, including a marshmallow and spaghetti construction project! In preparation for the event, they were also tasked with responding to live vacancies, and preparing CVs and covering letters – all excellent practice for when they leave College.

Berry Gardens tasked their groups of students to budget £200 on the bare essentials to live on an island for six months. Students had to discuss and then present their findings. NHS Medway focussed on procurement, with our students completing some fantastic negotiation role plays. In turn, James Villa Holidays asked the students to research new locations for villas, and justify their choices to the wider group.

Camilla Maurice, curriculum manager for Business, ICT and Esports, said “The inspiration employers provide to our students is vital to their skills’ development and pathway after College.

The Employer Insight Day encouraged the students to think about how the skills they’re learning at College can really be applied in a real-world context. Thanks to all of the employers involved for sharing their industry experiences and knowledge with our students.”

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