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Sports Science students & Money Matters

Our Sports Science students recently took part in a Money Matters programme. Money Matters is a new and innovative programme designed to ‘educate young people on how to conduct their personal money affairs planting the seeds when they are young that will take them into adult life and guide them with the knowledge and skills available to have future financial security.’

The programme is delivered by DOMEG (Dom Education Group) and was born from an idea to make a real difference to people’s lives given the current statistics of financial awareness and debt. The aim is to lay foundations at an early age to provide a secure financial pathway in life.

Students took part in a six week programme looking at different financial topics which would have an impact on their lives.  The topics covered:

·         Spending Habits

·         Banking and savings

·         Spending Influencers

·         Understanding credit

·         Insurances

·         Independent living

Maddie Springett, College Student Liaison Officer said “I am really proud of the efforts of the students and I am sure that they gained a lot of very useful life skills from the programme”.

Deputy Head of Department for Sport Neil Hemstead said – “the students really took to the programme and gained a valuable insight into some of the skills needed to manage their finances, not just as they progress onto university, but for the rest of their lives”.

Student Kyran Haywood was the lucky winner of an iPad and he commented on the project: “Money Matters has been a beneficial project to be part of, and I have learnt valuable skills in how to manage my money now and in the future when I have left college and have to be more independent in making financial decisions. It has taught me important lessons in money management such as setting up a bank account and controlling spending, something you are not always taught in school”.