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Sports and Public Services inspire at Kent School Games

MidKent College Sports and Public Services students were recently involved in the running of The Kent School Games, coaching young pupils from across the county.

Held at Medway Park, opposite the campus, students spent the day teaching athletic skills, organising competitions, and encouraging primary students to get involved in a huge varietyof sports.

The Sainsbury's School Games is a nationwide competition for school children in England, to help motivate and inspire young people to become involved in sport at school, regardless of ability or skill. With every school offered the chance to be involved, it helps to create equal oppurtunities for each school child nationwide wanting to compete in sport.

Mark Lampard, Teaching and Learning Manager for Sport & Public Services, said 'we're so proud of the learners and their achievements in this great event, facilitating Kent Sport, helping to inspire the next generation of aspiring athletes. We hope to build upon this fantastic partnership and look to establish greater oppurtunities for our learners to work in the community. 

Well done to everyone invovled in making the day a success. For more pictures of the event, head over to our Facebook Page.