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Shepherd Neame opens its doors for student visit

Shepherd Neame is Britain's oldest brewerd neame brewery, situated not too far from College, in Faversham. Maidstone Hospitality students recently had a trip to see how the brewery works to make its famous beers which include the Spitfire, Bishops Finger and Asahi.

They were first met by their guild, who showed them around, and students were shown how lager and ale is made using sugar, water and hops. They also had the chance to sample Malt and Hop pellets which make different varieties of beer.

At the end of the tour, the students were given a talk about drink awareness the units of alcohol and the laws in England. Then followed a rather amusing experiment of wearing beer goggles, giving the illusion of being drunk, and students enjoyed watching each other not being able to walk in a straight line!