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Radio Kent debate

Two MidKent Media students argued for a lower voting age and better citizenship education in schools in a live debate on BBC Radio Kent on Tuesday 21 March.

Iona Anderson and Kassie Williams were invited onto the morning show with presenter Julia George to discuss issues for young people in the run up to the General Election on 7 May.

The 17 year olds spent 30 minutes on air at the Chatham studio.

Iona said it was an interesting experience. 'I've done some radio shows before but I've always been in the same studio as the other people.  This time Julia was in Tunbridge Wells and we were in Chatham so it was a challenge to know when we were able to speak'.

However, Iona was pleased to have the opportunity to get her ideas across. 'I think we should allow younger people to vote but we need to improve classes on citizenship and politics. When I was at school, we were shown how to fill in ballot cards but not much more. If you tell younger people about politics, they'll be more likely to vote'.