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Public Services receive SafeGuard armour for practical sessions

Public Services students are set up for a career in a range of diverse jobs, whether that be the police force, the military, paramedic services or security.

At College, hands on experiences make our students work-ready, and a kind donation from market-leader SafeGuard now allows students to take their practical work up a level.

They have been given a state-of-the-art bullet resistant vest, used in military exercises and training, which allows students to see exactly what equipment they will be working with later in their careers. As well as this, technical analysis of role-play using the vest means they're prepared with industry and product knowledge before heading into the workplace.

Donations like this enhance the educational experience of students here at MidKent College, and Public Services students are looking forward to getting to grips with this technology. With the help of an international manufacturer like Safe Guard Armour, there are even more innovative learning opportunities to be excited about. 

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