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Prayer room transformation

Level 3 Interior Design student Karan Bath has redesigned the prayer room at the Maidstone Campus.

Interior Design student Karan with his hand-cut wall art

Karan was tasked with improving the colour, aesthetics and design of the room (on a very small budget!) but also ensuring that it would be suitable for a multi-faith space. Originally a Foundation Learning student, Karen has gone from strength-to-strength under the guidance of his tutor Ellie and he doesn’t look set to disappoint in this project either!

As a practicing Sikh, Karan started by researching different faiths by speaking to the Christian Union, the Champion for Religion and Belief, and to his fellow students at the Maidstone Campus. He wanted to ensure that the room was comfortable for people of all faiths and spiritual backgrounds to use, and began by creating mood boards based on his discussions with staff and students. 

The walls have been livened up with a fresh coat of paint, sofas were kindly donated by a member of staff and new wall art created by Karan himself has added the finishing touch!

We asked Karan what he thought of his efforts – “I’m really pleased with it – I never thought it would be that good!”

His lecturer Ellie is also pleased with the outcome as “People have become much more interested in the prayer room and are therefore spreading the word about its use.”

The College also has a new team of volunteer chaplains who will be working with staff and students on matters related to faith and belief – watch this space for more details in the coming weeks! 

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