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October is Black History Month in the UK!

Black History Month is dedicated to honouring the contributions of people from Black backgrounds both here in the UK and abroad.

MidKent College celebrates Black History Month this October

The month provides an opportunity for remembering the historical context of slavery and the civil rights movement, as well as celebrating the distance travelled by highlighting the positive impact of a modern and diverse Britain.

For our students, Black History Month offers us a chance to embed equality and diversity within the classroom and to get students talking and thinking about people who may have a different background.

This month we'll be looking forward to the different departmental celebrations including a partnership project between the A-level History students studying race relations and second year Art students. This will showcase at the end of the month with artist representations on the meaning of Black History Month from a student perspective. Other departments will be hosting guest speakers, using music to prompt discussion groups, and enouraging students to participate in Kick Racism out of Football!