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MKC catering students win swathe of awards at prestigious chef competition!

A talented group of our Hospitality & Catering students recently took part in the prestigious Salon Culinaire Competition. Held at the London ExCel Centre as part of the HRC (Hotel, Restaurant & Catering) Trade Show, it is the UK’s largest chef competition.

A mixture of trainee and experienced chefs take part in over 100 different categories. Judged by around 70 experienced chefs, the bar is very high!MidKent College took part in the Live Skills Theatre aimed at Catering students and we are really proud to share their amazing results with you below: 

Jo-Ann De Villiers SILVER (Trout & Sea bass prep)
Jahman Williams SILVER (Cut a whole chicken for sauté)
Elaine Williams SILVER (Cut a whole chicken for sauté)
Ziijan Guo BRONZE (Knife skills)
Jaan Amadee BRONZE (Bread roll shaping)
Dylan Braker MERIT (Avocado starter)
Jarret Mears MERIT (Trout & Sea bass prep)
Bailey Dixon MERIT (Bread roll shaping)
James Robins MERIT (Bread roll shaping)
Zak Sharman MERIT (Amuse Bouche)
Cameron Robinson MERIT (Amuse Bouche)

Tutors work very hard to prepare the students to take part in the competition which really challenges their technical culinary skills as well as their attitude to work and commitment. Tony Hopkin, Hospitality & Catering lecturer at MidKent College, praised their efforts and achievements, commenting, “Taking part in this type of competition enriches student’s learning and also allows us to see how they cope in a pressurised environment, which of course as chefs, they will need to do on a day-to-day basis.  We are so proud of what they all accomplished.”

The College offers Hospitality and Catering qualifications at both campuses as part of a full-time study programme. Students can progress from level 1 up to level 3 with many going on to work in the industry in restaurants including The Kitchin in Edinburgh, The Swan at West Malling and Chapel Down Wines.

Interested in a career in Hospitality and Catering? Find out more about our programmes here!