Part-time Interior Design courses will continue at MidKent College following successful completion of the first in more than eight years.

Lecturer Ellie Bentley (middle) with students Kelly Wheeler (left) and Janet Lowther

The College recently published its part-time prospectus for 2012/13, which includes the 10-week Award/Certificate in Creative Techniques (Interior Design) among hundreds of other qualifications.

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Fourteen men and women recently completed the Award – which launched at the Maidstone Campus in January – and course leader Ellie Bentley is now accepting applications from prospective students for the next academic year.

She said: “Programmes like Changing Rooms and 60 Minute Makeover are great for generating interest but in reality they don’t work. People need to know how to use the techniques shown on TV, otherwise they’ll end up with the most awful results.

“Most people think it costs the earth but it really doesn’t. All you need to do is learn how to work with what you’ve got and change it into something completely different.

“I’ve been an interior designer for about 14 years and it’s something I’m passionate about, which is why I wanted to launch this course and help ignite other people’s creativity.”

Former secondary school teacher Janet Lowther, 57, from Maidstone, received a place on the course as a Christmas present from her partner.

She is now considering moving on to the 17-week Interior Design Certificate – which also serves as a standalone course for more advanced students – after successfully completing the Award qualification.

Janet said: “I started to try and change my partner’s house around when I moved in with him, so it’s nice to be able to say I know what I’m doing now.

“I knew what looked good before but I didn’t know why, and that’s where the course has helped me the most – by teaching me things like line, shape, form and mirroring.

“Now the top floor of our house is being completely rejigged thanks to what I’ve learned.”

Other Construction Crafts subjects available to study part-time at MidKent College include carpentry, bricklaying, bench joinery, and painting and decorating.

Kelly Wheeler, 30, from Rochester, is also a Level 3 Painting & Decorating student and enrolled on the Interior Design course to expand her knowledge of the subject.

She said: “I used to work in an office but it bored me so I decided to go back to college and study something I actually enjoy.

“The course has given me a greater insight into what it means to be an interior designer, and how to adapt to other people’s tastes.

“Painting and decorating is very hands-on but Interior Design allows you to be a lot more creative, so I enjoy the combination.”

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