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Inspiring students share their Indian volunteering stories

Six Health and Social Care students have been sharing their experiences from a recent trip to India with friends, family and members of the College.

Mia Temperley, Georgia Mackay, Harmony King-White, Chloe Swoffer, Eleanor Kinson and Amy Brooks were offered the opportunity to travel to India with ABLE (Association for Blindness, Leprosy and Eradication), a non-profit organisation that takes action for the most vulnerable sections of Indian society, and those living below the poverty line.

The girls worked with children in the slum areas of Faridabad, which sits 65km outside of Delhi. They stayed in the ABLE charity hospital, and spent their time gaining first-hand experiences of poverty, visiting schools, families and health services, offering their help and engaging with the local community.

Before heading out on their trip, the students had to go through a selection process and raise £1000, which they all did through a range of fundraising activities. They were all excited and felt privileged to be able to go to India, and presented their experiences at a special event in January, where guests were treated to an authentic Indian meal from Hospitality and Catering students and local restaurant chain Spice Fusion.

All of the girls have said they will most definitely never forget what they witnessed and the people that they met. They all concluded that their cultural experiences have helped them in their learning, back at College and of another nation. Teaming up with ABLE was done with the help of Tony Truscott, who each year takes students to visit the charity and offer help to those in need.

If you would like to see some photographs of the girls on their trip, head over to our Facebook Page.