GCSE English staff took students on their first ever trip to the Guardian Education Centre in central London. 20 students (10 from Medway Campus and 10 from Maidstone Campus) assumed the roles of reporters, journalists and sub-editors, creating front pages using the research materials from the Guardian. The focus was on 4 June 1913 and the suffragist movement.

In a short time, students had to choose stories, research and write them, edit them and create headlines. The results were phenomenal and will help those students understand historical context, as well as how to write a broadsheet newspaper article.

This is the first time GCSE English students have had the opportunity to visit a major British newspaper to learn the skills for reporting, researching, writing and editing. These skills will not only help to them prepare for GCSE English questions in the summer, but also the students experienced a dynamic working environment.These experiences expose students to possible career paths that they might not have previously considered.

Helen Thompson, curriculum lead for GCSE English at the Maidstone Campus said, “These experiences show students that English is enjoyable, satisfying and can also lead to a career. With the success they achieved from creating front pages, students then increase their confidence in classes as they realise that they can achieve their aspirational grades.”