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Construction lecturer is ambassador for next generation

Charlotte Brown, Construction lecturer at our Maidstone Campus, has become a Get Kids into Surveying (GKiS) brand ambassador.

GKiS, started in 2017, aims to encourage and inspire young people to consider a career in surveying. GKiS are spreading their message across the world, but they are also very focused at working with their local communities too. Their ambassadors, from many different parts of the industry, provide resources and hands-on activities to a range of different school age groups. This can include everything from exploring conservation and urban development to human geography and ecology.

Charlotte worked in the industry for eight years, before sharing her skills and experience as a lecturer 11 years ago. 
She said “I think that this industry can be difficult for young people to see where careers are available. We do see surveyors in action, but people may not necessarily know that it could be a career for them too.

The technology used in the expanding construction and surveying industry is absolutely mind-blowing, and needs to be shared with students at a younger age so they can consider it as a viable career option.”

Her role as a local community ambassador will see her inspiring students in local schools to become the surveyors of the future.

If you’d like to consider a career in construction, civil engineering or surveying, then find out more about our Construction programmes or apprenticeships available at our Maidstone Campus.

Find out more about GKiS here.