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College chaplaincy launched

MidKent College is delighted to announce the launch of a new Chaplaincy service available to staff and students at both campuses.

The Chaplaincy is run by two volunteers, Richard Love, a Teaching and Learning Manager at the Maidstone Campus, and Gordon Watson, a volunteer from Cornerstone City Church. The aim of the Chaplaincy is to be inclusive of both religious and non-religious world views, and to explore spiritual and faith issues in a multi-faith context.

The Chaplain's will provide spirituality support at College, improve wellbeing and offer support during times of crisis.

Richard Love said "I have worked as a tutor and manager in FE for a number of years, and have observed that while we provide a broad range of support services to our students, it is difficult to address issues of faith and religion in a personal way within normal College activities.

As chaplains Gordon and I are hoping to provide some pastoral care, guidance and support to both the students and staff by creating safe opportunities to dialogue about faith, and by building relationships both here in the College and in our local faith communities."

For all media enquiries please contact the marketing department at MidKent College.