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Charlotte's journey from MidKent College to London's Theatreland

We love hearing about how our former students are getting along with their careers. We caught up with former Performing Arts student Charlotte Brown to chat about her time at MidKent College and her subsequent journey through into university and since she graduated. We wanted to know why Charlotte chose to study at our Medway Campus and how her career has evolved so far.

“I graduated from university with a 2:1 in Drama in July and I am now pursuing a career in Directing. I am a member of The Young Vic's Directors Network and have been shortlisted for one of their training programmes. I have just finished a run of a show at The Hen and Chicken Theatre as an assistant director which was amazing and I have been asked back in the same role for their next show in 2019. I am shortly due to start rehearsals for a four-week run of 'Head-rot Holiday' by Sarah Daniels at The Hope Theatre. I met the director through The Young Vic and was asked to assist with casting the show. Since then I have now been offered the joint position of assistant director and stage manager as well as director of funding before the rehearsal take place. I also work at the weekends as front-of-house and a drama teacher too! All in all, I am very busy but thoroughly enjoying being immersed in the theatre environment. I hope to direct some work on stage by the end of next year maybe even with my own production company one day!

I chose MidKent College as I knew I wanted to pursue a specific topic and qualification rather than do A Levels in different subjects. There was always such a sense of freedom in College but that was equally paired with the high level of work that was expected from us from the first week.

The tutors gave us so many opportunities to try new ways of acting and different forms of theatre. I loved that we were given our own time to rehearse and felt a real sense of responsibility when we had an assessment coming up. My absolute favourite moment was being in the College pantomime as the Queen in Jack and the Beanstalk. I got to prove to myself that even if you want to dance or sing, if you give it your absolute best and let your confidence and strengths shine through, you can really achieve what you want. This sense of confidence and ‘go get em’ attitude is something MidKent College gave me and has helped me with skills in leadership, presentations (you do a lot of these at Uni!) and just generally talking to people and selling yourself to potential employers.

Throughout my course at university I discovered my love of directing and the use of different approaches to suit types of theatre, acting and even people. I’ve gone on to graduate from the University of Greenwich, become a member of The Young Vic Directors Programme and get dream jobs in the industry.

It’s always hard going into any job at any age, but people look for passion and interest above all. If you can prove to them you’re hardworking and want to be there, chances are they’re already looking to hire you again for another production. I truly believe that if you can start off with doing something that you enjoy, the rest will fall into place. At 16, you don’t need to know exactly what you want to be, or how your life will pan out (I still don’t know!) just soak up everything the tutors say and take even opportunity!”.