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Carys steps out as Gills FC '12th Man'

Another of our Sports students was awarded the opportunity to be the ‘12th Man’ at the Gillingham FC game against Rochdale.  Carys Harper, who studies Level 2 Sport Studies was nominated as a result of her 100% attendance and consistent hard work – she is aiming to achieve distinction level in all of her coursework. With aspirations to be a personal trainer or gym instructor, Carys is planning to go on to complete level 3 at MidKent College next year.

By her own admission, Carys would not class herself as a football fan but she thoroughly enjoyed the visit on which she was accompanied by her uncle and given a tour by a member of the football club staff, meeting four of the professional players.

Carys loved the ability to take a family member who was a genuine football fan as he was able to give her more information about the game and the team. The tour also included seeing the green screen rooms, football controls, changing rooms, and all of the behind the scenes areas of a professional football club.

One of the many memorable sights Carys recalls were the football boots (over 50 pairs for 11 players!) in multiple colours and designs. The other was the actual football pitch – much larger than she imagined and viewed from the VIP area – the perfect place from which to view your first ever match.

As a memento of the day, Carys received a souvenir programme and a personalised t-shirt with Harper 17 on the back. The highlight of the day was the complimentary lunch enjoyed prior to kick-off. A photograph taken with the Gillingham FC manager, Steve Lovell and a Gills win of 2:1 against opponents Rochdale made for the perfect end to an enjoyable day.