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Cabin Crew students are taking to the skies with Virgin

Three Level 2 Cabin Crew students are taking to the skies after being snapped up by Virgin Atlantic and easyJet.

Mel, Harrison and Lewis are set to begin their six week intense training this month, and are all looking forward to seeing what’s in store for them.

Since being at College, they have all said they feel like they can be themselves and their confidence has grown massively. Harrison joined College after being at an all-boys school, and because he was so used to being in that kind of environment, his course mates helped him come out of his shell and is now ready to take on the different challenges he’ll come across every day in the air.

Mel headed here from South Africa, so as well as exceling in her course, she had to get used to a new culture which she knows will help her in the future. She says she still gets goosebumps every time she sees a plane take off, and thinks that helping nervous passengers and making a difference to people’s travelling experiences will be the best part of her job.

They both also agree that College couldn’t have set them up any better for their future careers, and their course has made everything real. Lewis told us that without College, he wouldn't of had the confidence to do his up and coming job, and has loved the role play scenarios making his training so real. We can’t wait to hear how they get on and look forward to welcoming them back to College to update us on their adventures!