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Bringing home the Gold (and Silver and Bronze too!)

On 7 March over 200 students from colleges across the county assembled at Canterbury College to test their skills against each other in a series of sector-based competitions.

Student competitions are a great way to put learning and skills into practice under pressure, in a new environment, and against the clock – all conditions that they can expect when they progress from college into work.

Previously, competitions for individual subject sector areas have been spread throughout the year, but thanks to the co-ordination of Mark Hill from Kent Further Education this year everything happened on the same day in the same venue.

With over 50 students representing ‘Team MidKent’ competing in 18 areas ranging from Automotive Technology to Welding, our hopes were high and all of our students performed incredibly well.

We were delighted to see 34 of our students bring back medals (including some team wins) which is fantastic recognition for the time and effort they put into preparing and competing. Perhaps more importantly, all of those who took part came home with some solid experience of working in their subject area that will help them enormously as they prepare for future employment. 

While we’re incredibly proud of all of our students, special congratulations to our Gold medallists: 

Charlotte (Hairdressing Colour and Style)
Francesca (Fashion & Photographic Make-up)
Jarreth (Photography)
Olivia (Musical Theatre)

And a very well done to all of our students who competed in hotly-contested competitions in the following sectors: 

Dance, Digital Video Production, Electrical, Welding, Automotive Technology, Painting and Decorating, Graphic Design, Health & Social Care, Early Years, Plumbing, Beauty, Media Make-up, Inclusive learning - catering. 

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