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Working from home in lockdown? - Life skills

In lockdown 3.0 and still haven’t mastered the working from home balance? 

We have probably seen on our social media and online that some people seem to be smashing working from home. Sharing their set-ups and looking put together – they’ve got this! And then you feel like you really haven’t got this – well we’ve got you!  

A quiet place 

Although this might not be the easiest thing, try and find an area that is less disruptive - especially if you live with other people. Even if it is a space that might be used by others but has a door. Therefore, when you have that video call there is the option to shut the door and create a temporary boundary. 


Natural lighting is key! Find a space in your home that is by a window. Natural light can do wonders to boost your mood. 

Add a bit of green 

This idea may have to grow on you… However, plants are said to help make you feel happy. So, get a few little plants to surround yourself with. 

Have a scent  

Essential oils can create and set a mood – even a scented candle. Find a scent that suits you. Does it wake you up or calm you down? Adding a scent to your space can really just add a little comfort to an area that you will be in for a while. It also makes it a more inviting area to be in. 


I could be writing “tidy your workspace” – tidy desk tidy mind, right? However, some people thrive on the clutter. But whatever your preference, personalise. Many of us create a space in our offices to make it feel like our desk. A picture, your random pieces of stationery, or just some post-it notes. Create a desk that is inviting! I am sure you can find something around your house to add a little touch to your workspace. So have fun with it. 

Don’t forget that every home is different – all you can do is try!   

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