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Women in STEM - the benefits they bring

Gender mixing in any workplace works out best for everyone. We explore why equality and diversity in the world of STEM is particulalry great.

In the UK we’re lucky to have lots of the same opportunities regardless of gender, and the gap is closing between men and women in the career world.

Thursday 11th February is International Day of Women and Girls in Science, implemented by the UN to encourage women to get involved in Science. We’ve got loads of students who are on our Science courses which we love, so to get involved with the day, we’ve looked at why gender mixing in the workplace, or in class, is a winner.


More talent

Talent isn’t dictated by gender. When people come together- that’s when the best ideas come about. The more people you have involved in your brainstorming, the bigger the ideas

Employee happiness 

People will want to stick at an organisation that treats its members fairly, so they’re more committed. Secondly, team spirit is boosted when there is a greater mix of employees or classmates- people can pick each other up and encourage others who may be struggling

It is often said that if you can get on with your work colleagues, even when times are stressful, then you’ve made skills for life. It means you’ll always be able to work with both men and women no problem in any job you go to in the future

It gets you thinking

Men and women are just as clever as each other- no matter what people say. Women can reach the same level as men, and vice versa. Anyone that says otherwise is a little archaic. Diversity creates curiosity! As humans we’re naturally interested in other people’s findings, and want to discover more, regardless of who initiated the thoughts.

More brainpower!

In the world of Science, people are always looking for new solutions to some of the things the natural world throws at us. Why would you not want more people looking at cures for diseases, or solutions to global warming?

So we think it's great the UN want women from across the world to get into Science. There’s always space for new inventions and discoveries, regardless of who invents or discovers. 

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