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Why you should take your shopping local this Christmas - Business

It can be easy to get caught up in the Christmas commercials at this time of year and we find ourselves spending time amongst the throws of every other shopper in the county fighting over the last of the mince pies.

But there are so many reasons why purchasing from local business can be a much better way to get hold of what you want this year. We think it’s important to think about what local businesses can offer and why supporting them may be more beneficial than you realise.

The local economy

Local businesses provide infrastructure, jobs and opportunity in the areas in which you spend your most time. A great Christmas period can offer sustainability for them throughout the year, giving them the chance to reinvest in training and employment.

Profit is often put back into the area- not sent to a head office to be reinvested further away or overseas. A thriving local business can encourage more investment in the space around it too, as it is proof your area is able to encourage growth.

The expertise 

The knowledge given by those who work on raising livestock or agriculture is often second to none. They can tell you what is used to grow your roast parsnips, or what your turkey was fed. The food is often fresher and the field to plate journey shorter and more humane.

It makes you a smarter shopper!

If you’re looking for gifts that are more unusual for the fussy member of your family, markets and boutiques are great for finding a chutney infused with a strange spice or a jumper made from the wool of a rare sheep. You can come across art pieces not available anywhere else, and a Kent cider or artisan tea are perfect for popping on the table after you’ve finished eating.

So have a think about enjoying your Christmas break in your local area and see what you can find. For some inspiration for those of you that live in Kent, check out Produced in Kent.

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