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Who you gonna call? - Starting College

The leap from school to College is a big one…we get it! That’s why we want to make sure you feel supported every step of the way.

All of the staff here at College are here to help you, but we do have dedicated teams that can support you with specific tasks or issues. So, we thought it would be helpful to pull all of the information together and let you know who best to get in touch with – whether you have a question about your application or need help with a personal issue.

Course Information Team

If you’ve ever called up or live chatted to ask about a programme, then you’ve had contact with our Course Information Team! They can help you with just about anything – even if they can’t specifically help you themselves, they will quickly get you in touch with someone who can.

Expertise – College study programmes and courses.

I should call them if I...

  • Want to know more about a specific study programme
  • Want to check entry requirements
  • Need help with submitting an online application
  • Have a general question about coming to College

Careers Team

Our three Careers Advisers are here to support you with identifying your career choices and planning your next steps. They can offer one to one guidance appointments either in person, on Zoom, by email or on the telephone.

Expertise - helping you plan your future

I should call them if I...

Am unsure what job I want to do in the future
Know what job I want to do, but am unsure which programme I need to do to achieve my goals
Need advice on writing CVs or making job applications.

You can also access our helpful Career Coach tool here.


Our Admissions department work across both campuses and are the team who deal with processing your application, arranging your interview, and confirming your enrolment at College.

Expertise - your application!

I should call them if I …

Have applied but not heard about my interview
Need to rearrange an interview date/time
Want to change something on my application.

Student Financial Support Team

We have Financial Support Advisers available at both our Medway and Maidstone Campus and they can help you with any financial concerns or queries.

Expertise – Bursary criteria and eligibility

I should call them if I...

Want to find out if I am eligible for financial help
Need help making my application for a bursary

Transition Team

If you’re feeling particularly worried about coming to College, our Transition Team can offer additional support such as informal College tours, help with College interviews, assistance with the bursary application and a summer activities programme to help you meet other new students.

Expertise – Supporting vulnerable students

I should call them if I …

Am feeling very anxious about the whole process of applying and coming to college
Am a Looked After Child
Think I might need other help such as additional learning support or counselling.

Contact details

Course Information

01634 402020 or send a live chat.

Careers Team

01634 383636


01634 383140

Student Financial Support

01634 383300

Transition Team

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