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What to do the night before an exam - Exams

You’ve spent weeks and months planning for your exams. You’ve probably been inundated with advice from both friends, family (and us!) on how best to prepare for your upcoming tests. But now you’re just 24 hours from sitting down to take your first exam. What should you do the night before?

Schedule a last minute Q&A

Rather than revising into the night and trying to cram your brain full of information it’s unlikely to remember the next day, you should arrange a Q&A session with a classmate. Take it in turns to ask each other questions on the subject and identify any gaps your revision has missed. You never know, a question asked the night before might crop up.

Consider exercise

We’re not saying to head out on a marathon the evening before your exam, but a little light exercise won’t hurt. This will help you to sleep better and work out any tension in your body.

Eat well

Junk food can lead to you feeling lethargic in the morning, whereas the perfect meal would include fish, steamed vegetables and even fruit for dessert. It’s not a sacrifice you’ll have to make forever, but it’ll be well worth it. It would also be advised to avoid caffeine, so give tea and coffee a miss for the evening.

Be prepared

Revision of course will play a major role in whether or not you’re successful this summer, but don’t neglect night before prep. We’re not talking about that last minute cramming of information either – just taking steps to ensure you’re not rushing around in the morning. Make sure everything’s in place ready for you to leave. Have you spare pens and pencils? Do you have a calculator? Make sure your equipment is in an easy-to-find place so you’re not panicking.

Choose an outfit

Choose an outfit you’ll wear on the day of your exam and have this ready for the morning. Consider the changing temperature of the exam room and prepare multiple layers dependent on the weather. Remember, you want to be comfortable when you’re sitting for hours in the same room. It’s not a fashion show.

Get to bed early

Ensure your body is well rested for the exam!

Don’t forget the alarm

You’d be surprised at just how many people fail to set an alarm for the morning. Perhaps it’s because there are loads of other things on their plate that it simply slips the mind. Don’t count on someone else to wake you in time – the last thing you want is to oversleep and end up rushing around or worse, miss the exam completely.

Finally, be positive

You shouldn’t go into your exam with a negative attitude, even if you’re stressed or worried about the end result. Don’t tell yourself you’ll fail.

Your exams will likely be a stressful time and no one is denying this. However, with the right preparation the night before your exam you’ll improve your chances of performing better. Bear these tips in mind and consider implementing them the night before your exams.



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