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What are the benefits of applying for an apprenticeship? - Apprenticeships

“I keep hearing about apprenticeships – but what do I get out of them?”

Well, that’s easy, you:

  1. Gain a qualification
  2. Earn a salary
  3. Build your employability skills
  4. Gain industry experience
  5. Network for future career prospects.

If we look at each in more detail…

Gain a qualification

Your apprenticeship will be a balance of studying in College (normally one day a week), combined with four days a week in your workplace. We’ll teach you practical and theoretical skills which you’ll then be able to put into practice at work. Depending on which apprenticeship you choose, you could progress all the way up to a “higher apprenticeship” and gain a degree. The qualifications you receive will be of an industry standard, recognised by employers and exceptionally useful for your future career progression. We’ll also help your English and maths skills too, depending on the level you need.

Earn a salary

You’ll have all the perks of your work colleagues, including earning a salary. There is a minimum wage for apprentices, which can be found here, but some employers will pay more than this.

Build on your employability skills

Your apprenticeship will teach you those “other” skills which can’t necessarily be taught in school or college. You’ll learn to be flexible, resilient and be able to communicate with different types of people. Your level of responsibility will increase, and you’ll develop a more professional and mature outlook.

Industry experience

You’ll spend the majority of your time in the workplace, and so therefore learn all of the hints, tricks and skills needed for your apprenticeship from your work colleagues. You’ll probably be able to try out different aspects of your company too, to find your best fit, but that’s something to discuss at the start of your apprenticeship. Your CV will gain some real experience – something very attractive to future employers.


You’ll meet a lot of different people within your company, but also in the big wide working world! You could be going to trade shows, networking events or exhibitions – take advantage of this and build as many good connections and links as you can. They’ll remember you positively in the future, and it could lead to their offering you a potential job later on.

Interested? Find out more about apprenticeships at MidKent College.

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