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Traineeships: the way to get set for work - Careers

If you are ever worried that you’re not prepared for work or an apprenticeship, there is still a great option on offer to you - don’t panic!

At the core, a traineeship offers you help with English, maths, and a great work placement. You get the experience that employers need, it can offer you a confidence boost, and get you ready to start earning that all-important money.

Why could it be for me?

-              It gets you in the running with other people who are also considering similar careers

-              You can try things out before you commit to them

-              Your CV needs additional skills or experience

-              If you’re motivated to work but not sure how to start

-              Maths and English aren’t your strong points, but you need them to progress

-              The applications you’ve been doing have been unsuccessful due to your experience or grades.

It can be tough when everyone is telling you to get a job, or do an apprenticeship, and you don’t feel ready. A traineeship can be the perfect way to propel you forwards to do whatever you want to do – so take a look at what we have on offer and get in contact today!

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