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To delegate or not to delegate....

Are you a new manager and considering how much you could (and should) delegate?

How much hands-on attention should you give to ensure you’ll meet the end goal? Keep these in mind the next time a big project comes your way:

Don’t over-delegate

It’s important to know the difference between what should be your role, and what should be theirs – and is within their job description! It’s not a case of you don’t like the task, let’s move it elsewhere.

Choose the right member of staff

Make sure you select the right person to delegate the work to – they should have the experience or qualification to be able to complete the task. This delegation could even be used to develop someone who has the right skills set.

Keep calm

Just because you may have done the task before doesn’t mean you’re the only person who can possibly do it! They may be slightly slower the first time they do it, but it’s all a learning curve, and means there’s a good chance they’ll be quicker next time.

Explain what the end result looks like

Be clear with the reason behind the delegation, and what you’re hoping to achieve. Include the expected deadline too to allow them to manage their workload appropriately.

Share your knowledge

Train them to have the skills they need to complete the task. Don’t just delegate and run away! This may involve breaking the task into bullet points, a flow chart or even talking them through a process.

Check during the task

Don’t just abandon them once you’ve delegated the task! Organise a regular time slot to discuss how things are progressing, how to overcome any problems they’ve encountered or what they’ve learnt from the process.


Don’t forget to provide feedback after they’ve finished the project – both positive and constructive if need be – and reassure them they’ll be able to incorporate these skills into any future project.

Importantly – make them feel appreciated!

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