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Thinking about an online course? - Life skills

When I was offered the chance to do an online learning course, I was worried about how I would fit in studying alongside work and being a parent.  Also, I’d never tried distance learning – any other courses I’ve completed have been classroom based with the tutor there in front of you, so I was also worried about what would happen if I didn’t understand something!

I chose to do the Level 2 in Information, Advice or Guidance which fits in with my job role advising students on the most relevant study programme or apprenticeship for them. It was really easy to apply; I just had to complete an online form through the MidKent College website. From there, I was sent a pack containing the workbooks required for the course and my online tutor contacted me by telephone. She explained how everything worked, gave me my login details for the e-assessor portal and confirmed the target dates that the workbooks needed to be completed by.

The workbooks contain all the information you need to complete the course. There are also answer booklets for those who want to write their answers. I preferred to complete mine through the portal and typed them straight into the online answer booklet. This made it easier to edit or add extra details as I went along.

If I had any questions or concerns, I could contact the tutor by email and she was really good at getting back to me.  At the end of each workbook (there were two that made up the qualification I was doing) you had to submit your work to the tutor. She then gave feedback on my answers and let me know if there was anything I could have added or needed to change. Luckily everything was fine and I had some positive feedback which really motivated me to carry on with the second part of the course. 

The course leads to a recognised level 2 qualification – it wasn’t too difficult, but did challenge me and I felt that I had learned things I could apply to my role.

You get 12 weeks to complete the course, but I actually did it in six! As a busy working mum, I was worried that I wouldn’t get time to finish it, but I found it became a lot easier if I managed my time.I allowed an hour or two every couple of nights to read through the workbook and questions and enter my answers. I then spent half a day on the weekend before the due date going through everything and editing if necessary before I submitted it.

I was really impressed with the content of the course and very happy with the contact from the tutor who was really friendly and helpful. I didn’t have to pay for the course as it is government funded if you are over 19 and have lived in the EU for three years. I get to keep the workbooks too, so if I want to refer back to anything I can.

There are loads of subject areas to choose from and having found the first one pretty straightforward, I plan to apply for a couple more over the next year or so. They are really useful for improving and refreshing your skills and for adding to your CPD file or your CV if you are looking for a job.

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