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The Learning Age - Life skills

Many adults return to education every year after a two-year gap, 10 year or even 20+ year gap from school! Some are looking to update their professional skills; get that all-important qualification they need to progress or learn fresh new ideas.

Check out our six top benefits:

Career prospects

If you’ve hit that ceiling at work, or simply want to reskill, then returning to education could just be the ideal next move. It demonstrates to your employers (whether existing or new) that you’re proactive in advancing your career, can multi-task well and you’ve got excellent time management.

Personal development

Add new skills to your bow, whether professional or personal. So you may be returning to education to learn how to be a plumber, but you’ll also improve your English and maths skills, interact with a whole range of people that you may not have previously and prove that you’re not “over-the-hill” or past it!

Professional development

You’ll have THE latest knowledge that employers are looking for – whether that’s retraining in the construction trades, bridging the gap with an Access qualification or taking the next step in CIPD or AAT. Once you’ve got that qualification under your belt, you’ve got a stronger position if you’re looking for that all-important salary raise, promotion or confidence to become self-employed.


You may have lost your mojo recently, or think education is only for the young, but getting enrolled on a new course will give you that directional boost you need. You’ll be motivated and supported not only by your tutor, but also by your classmates. You may even discover career possibilities that you hadn’t thought of previously!


If you left school early, a long time ago or lack the formal qualifications that employers are looking for, then you may need a boost in confidence. Returning to education can give you the opportunity to make more informed decisions about your life, and the direction it’s heading in.


Definitely not to be over-rated! You may discover a talent you never thought of, or uncover skills that you haven’t used in over 20 years. Getting back into learning will boost your self-esteem and give you a sense of pride when you conquer your ambition!

It can also give your son or daughter a prod in the right direction of their studies if they see you positive, structured and enthusiastic in trying something new yourself!

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