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The industry areas set for career success in 2016 - Careers

The new year begins full of promise, opportunity and resolutions. We love to make changes and January is a popular time for seeking new jobs, in a few industries in particular.

In 2015 271,000 new jobs were created in technology, health care and retail sector alone, which is promising for those people looking for a new role.


As software continues to develop, imagine what developers 10 years ago would have been working on, compared to those today. The mobile device industry in particular has forecasted growth of around 23% in the next 10 years. Technology progresses at an exciting rate, which means new jobs are constantly being created. View our engineering apprenticeships here. 

Graphic designers

Now this role does require a creative eye and experience-but the number of designers working for the likes of marketing companies is expected to grow somewhere over 20% in the next 10 years. This job market has grown so much as a result of more and more businesses using the Internet and e-commerce as a means of engagement and generating new business with their customers.

Medical assistants:

Everyone is living longer these days and consequently there’s more demand than ever for nurses, carers and dental hygienists. It is expected that by 2022 these kinds of jobs will have seen growth up to and around 29%.

Beauty therapists:

Beauty therapists have always been in demand, but there has been a 25% increase in the industry in recent years. Lots of beauty therapists are often savvy business owners too, with salons built from the ground up. Lots of their skills also involve managing personal finance: including accounts and taxes.

So it is exciting times for people thinking about retraining or learning new skills. There is such a huge range of jobs available these days it can be hard to pick your path- but if you’re thinking about any of the above jobs, 2016 might just be your year.



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