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Ten tips for succeeding on exam day. - Exams

Are your GCSE exams coming up? Here's what you can do on the day...

  1. Wake up earlier than normal and whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast.
  2. Double check the date, time and location of your exam.
  3. Avoid people who panic. Give anyone likely to make you feel worse a wide berth! Find a quiet place before the exam or seek out likeminded calm people.
  4. Make sure you frequent the loo before the exam!
  5. Don’t forget to write your name on the exam paper – you would be amazed at the number of people who do this…..
  6. Read all of the questions through on the paper and plan your time for each question carefully.
  7. There is nothing to say you have to answer questions on the exam in a set order. If it helps you feel more comfortable, answer all of the questions you are confident about first.
  8. If you get a brain block, try and keep writing as generally, the right information will come flooding back.
  9. Keep strictly to your plan and try not to spend extra time on a section. Move on and answer as many questions on the exam paper as possible.
  10. Use all of the exam time given to you. If you complete it ahead of the given time then use that spare time to review your answers.

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