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Sport & Exercise Science students feel the heat in our environmental chamber!

What's the best way to cool down after a training session in the heat?

This was the question our Level 3 Sport & Exercise Science students were looking to answer during a lesson in our amazing environment chamber recently for their Research Methods unit.

They were testing different cooling strategies using the exercise bike, first warming up for 3 minutes, then continuing with a 12 minute cycling trial, with the temperature in the chamber at 30 degrees Celsius. They then had a recovery period of 15 minutes before repeating the 3 minute warm-up and tackling another 12 minute cycling trial.

Whilst they were riding, their partner tested and noted their temperature and heart rate. During the recovery period, the students each tried a different strategy to help them cool down, with some drinking iced water, some being wrapped in wet towels and some being a control group only drinking room temperature water, so that they could test their different hypotheses.

The expectation was that the students would not be able to cycle as far or as fast on the second attempt, but that those who had access to the iced water or wet towels during the recovery period would perform better than those in the control group.

Sports Science Study Programme Coordinator Vickie Sampson said,

"Our first year sports science students spent many weeks planning their research to ensure this activity was safe and effective. On the day each student had a specific role to fulfil and they worked very hard in the heat to ensure that the data they collected was recorded accurately. Next week we will be analysing the data and conducting statistical tests so that they can accept or disprove their hypotheses. It is amazing to have this high spec environmental chamber for our students to use as part of their studies."

Students from our sport study programmes progress into a variety of careers, with many going on to study at university.  Find out more here - there's still time to apply and start this September!



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