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Should I switch to College? - Starting College

Your post-16 options are a big decision.

You may not know what you want to do yet as a career – and that’s OK! – or whether you want to go onto university or an apprenticeship.

Everyone considers their options at a different speed, so don’t worry if all of your friends seem to be miles ahead (they’re probably worrying just as much as you!).

If you’ve just started at sixth form studying A-levels or BTECs, with a private training provider or in an apprenticeship, and you’ve realised it’s just…not…your…thing…that’s also OK!

Sometimes you need to try these things to determine if they’re for you.

So, what next?

  1. Have a good chat with those around you; parents, carers, friends, teachers etc. It might just be new term nerves, or the step up in studying.
  2. Have a think – does your current option give you the qualifications you’ll need in the future?
  3. Are you going to be happy completing your current option? There’s no need to stay in your current situation if there’s still time to find another local study option.
  4. Check out your options at College. We do have places available on some programmes and apprenticeships. Call our friendly course enquiries team on 01634 402020 to discuss your options.
  5. Visit our drop-in enrolment session on 14 September 10am-2pm at either campus to apply, interview AND enrol on a programme
  6. Email our impartial careers advisers – they’ll be able to talk you through ALL of your options!

You do have time to switch to College, but you can’t bury your head in the sand and not make a decision! We accept students into the first few weeks of term, but unfortunately after that catching up may just not be possible for you. And you don’t want to delay finding THE option for you until January, or even next September!

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